ayala serfaty’s organic “soma” light fixture

In today’s world it seems like nobody has the time to invest to do anything worthwhile … certainly not if it’s going to take 6 years.

But that is exactly what it took gifted artist and designer Ayala Serfaty (also known as one of the creative forces behind Aqua Creations) to develop and perfect her distinct technique of using glass filaments and polymer-skin to create this truly, truly, truly, remarkable work of art of practical design.  How wonderful to be able to display this cocoon-like sculpture as a light fixture.  I’ve seen it in person and I can tell you it’s beyond spectacular!
Represented by none other than Cristina Grajales, the eponymous owner of the 20th century and contemporary design gallery in Soho who represents some of today’s greatest such as Sebastian Errazuriz (I wrote about him here), I’m happy Ayala did not give up prior to the 6 years. We certainly would have missed out on what I think is one of the best contemporary lighting designs of 2011.
image credit: Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York
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