Apavisa Porcelanico’s corroding metal tiles: one designer’s treasure is a client’s coup

It’s really incredible what some modern porcelain companies are doing in accurately producing tiles that resemble wood, metal, rock and cement.  One of the innovators in this field is the Spanish company Apavisa Porcelánico who stylishly reproduce the look of corroding metal onto decorative home ceramic tiles.

What really caught my eye was their Metal collection, porcelain “tiles” with the visual properties of weathered steel that REALLY look like steel both in color and in texture!!! Being that they’re tiles, they are also scratch resistant and won’t “rust”. And the sizes of tiles are varied, so you can have enormous square plaques or tiny mosaics.
Imagine a downtown loft’s perfectly polished concrete floor (by the way, they also produce incredible concrete looking tiles) with large squares of this copper colored tile bolted to the wall … or for more of a melodic wall, imagine these “s” shaped tiles on the wall of a very chic upwardly mobile manly bathroom.  Supercool J
image credits: Apavisa Porcelánico, Spain. With showrooms in New York and Lisbon.
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