an unlikely toejam

One of the hardest things to find when designing a home (and you actually care enough to look around) is a shower drain.  Think of it.  Since this bathroom hardware is invisible to most people, it is treated like a piece of generic plumbing nothing.  But take note, when a designer has done his job, it becomes a noticeable bathroom fixture.

I found a line of creative and beautiful shower drains.  One of my favorite styles is Wave from California Faucet.  It was created by Christine Kelly with two goals in mind.  One, “To mimic the rhythmic pattern that water makes in the ocean” in an abstract design with “a contemporary, geometric line.”  And two, “to make sure that the opening wasn’t so big that someone’s toe gets stuck.”!!!   The drain cover is (5.1/4 in. | 13.3 cm.)  wide and deep and comes in more than 30 finishes ranging from US$299 to US$380.