an ode to midcentury california design: the woods lamp from spain

Looking like something right out of the 1970s Brady Bunch house in California, the Woods lamp is a “green” creation by Spanish designer Héctor Serrano for decorative lamp studio-lab Arturo Alvarez. His lighting is inspired by MidCentury California Design.

This “tailor-made” pendant lamp is assembled with elongated blocks of birch wood hanging hickly-pickly from transparent cables from a metallic canopy that makes it seemingly dance on the ceiling like a wind-chime.
I see this wicked pendant as a perfect fit in an industrial loft, where the use of untreated wood and polished concrete permeates the space.  It’s also perfect for a touch of whimsy in a more polished room or killing a midcentury space with a 70s sensibility … and don’t forget restaurants.  It’s actually a lot more versatile that what you imagine!
image credits: Arturo Alvarez, La Coruña, Spain
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