An LED-lighting marvel in Abu Dhabi

Sitting pretty on Yas Island, a smallish island off the coast of the UAE, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is the Yas Hotel, the only 5-star hotel in the world that can boast a 143 berth marina with mega-yacht capability, a Formula-1 circuit motorway running THROUGH it, and “the crown jewel of Abu Dhabi golf courses” (I leave you to imagine that monumental space).  Amazing as this is to the armchair traveler, what I personally find most interesting is the architecture and lighting features of the hotel designed by the New York City-based firm asymptote architecture.

Touted as the largest LED lighting project in the world when it opened in the Fall of 2009, the hotel is enveloped in an elegant veil that drips over its top.  This cover, made of over 5,000 LED lights, consumes 70% less power than it would have had regular lightbulbs been used. The lighting system also has the ability to control each individual LED in any color of the rainbow.  Now THAT’S awesome and amazing!
image credit (both images) The Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi
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