amongst giants

Following the successful shows by Jeff Koons, Xavier Veilhan and Takashi Murakami at the Château of Versailles, this summer’s exhibition belongs to French artist Bernar Venet who from 1 June to 1 November will be showcasing his enormous sculptures in the Palace gardens and the neighboring Marly Estate.

What I absolutely love about this exhibition is that the art serves to enhance the vistas, the landscape and the history of the Palace.  They are conspicuous, yes, yet the arcs and curves of the enormous sculptures blend into the landscape and refreshingly add to the views rather than detract from them.  So, whether encircling the equestrian statue of Louis XIV in the Place d’Armes or mimicking the tall tress on the grounds of the Marly Estate, the Venet giants are fit heirs to the great Le Nôtre and Mansart.
Photo credits: © Philippe Chancel; Archives  Bernar, New York; Phillipe Chancel