adding struktur to a room

You don’t have to put up a wall to divide a large room, there are in fact many alternatives.  Immediately what comes to mind to most people is using a partition screen.  These have been used in interiors since man first strung a mammoth hide across his cave to give him space from his in-laws.  The only problem is that screens can be visually heavy, which may not be much of an option given today’s spaces.  Even Alvar Aalto’s rollable pinescreen of 1936 which I featured last summer, while cool, can feel burdensome in some rooms.

But don’t despair.  One can divide a large space through the use of furniture placement, by the placement of modern see-through bookshelves, such as those featured last fall, with a piece of sculptural art or with Struktur, a divine modular easy–to-install room divider made from 100% cellulose kraftplex – a biodegradable alternative to plastic and metal. What I like about this divider is its organic appearance that reminds me of natural shapes in nature, like a climbing vine or a spider’s web. Not only that, but it’s light in visual appearance so it will do the job without “literally” blocking the lines of sight in a room. Designed by German designer Lena Peter in 2010, this is definitely a fab alternative.  Available through SuiteNY.
image credit: SuiteNY
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