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nyc decorator Richard Rabel


Whether transforming a 1,500 sq. ft. penthouse or personalizing a grand 21,000 sq. ft. residence, NYC decorator and modern art consultant Richard Rabel has designed original modern residential interiors in New York, Dallas, Paris and Sao Paulo that celebrate an artful lifestyle.



Rich materials, modern forms and original art influence his design philosophy for crafting spaces that are exceptional and livable, unexpected yet familiar, of-the-moment and timeless.



Rigorously trained in the art and design worlds and with an exacting eye for shape and proportion, color, balance and harmony, Richard Rabel’s interior spaces have a masculine edge that tend to favor neutral backgrounds in shades of gray infused with a cool color palette, layered with textured finishes. For Richard, mixing low and high with crude and soft makes for more interesting interiors. For example, a recent fabric scheme mixed jute, linen and silk velvet with an accent touch of cashmere.



Original art and modern design pieces color Richard’s interiors and he will encourage clients to have custom work produced by artists and artisans to lend gravitas to their newly created rooms.



And so the magic comes in understanding, executing and pulling it all together to create unfussy rooms that are beautiful, comfortable and in perfect harmony so that fine art can sing and modern design breathe.