a web charlotte would die for!

Arachnophobes have no fear!  As delicate as the precious silk originals weaved by the most accomplished araneae, this engaging and breathtaking piece by American artist Jim Hodges is a complex tapestry of meaning.  In very broad terms, it serves as a fresh interpretation of the pedestrian spider web so overlooked in our busy life. The notions of ageing and decay are also present.  But more importantly, I think it is a work that reflects on the artist’s emotions on love and enticement, trapping and loss.

But appreciating art is not all about the cerebral interpretations of what the artist wanted to convey.  It is about one’s own observation and how it helps transform our immediate mood.  And that is why I like this piece.  It makes me pause, admire, reflect and smile at the extraordinary gift of the artist and the incredible craft process in his work.

photo credit © Jim Hodges  (shown above is  only a detail)


Sotheby’s New York (sale: 10 May 2011)
Lot 2
Jim Hodges (b. 1957)
A Faraway Corner
white brass chain in 13 parts
dimensions variable
executed in 1997
Estimate: US$600,000 – 800,000 (sold | US$1,082,500)