A touch of modernism on the Left Bank

Most of us admire the French mode de vie.  And one of the things I miss the most from my life in Paris is the visual impact in the details of everyday life.  For example, my corner restaurant in NY has a bouquet of old, dusty and gnarly plastic red flowers on the table.  In Paris, the same type of restaurant had a small, unpretentious, well organized and fresh flower arrangement. Perhaps neither detail will make up for the meal, but the latter just makes for a richer experience.  It is therefore no surprise that France has had its share of extraordinary interior designers.

My French colleague Jean-Louis Deniot is currently putting together the most chic, refined, eclectic, versatile and unfussy interiors all over the world.  His style of modern clean lines brings to mind Jean Michel Frank, the great French designer of the 1930s.  One of my favorite rooms is the above, found in an apartment in St. Germain.  Defined by its architecture, the décor of the room is controlled, balanced and organized with impeccable precision, possibly the magic that makes it an extraordinarily livable space. This is a Master at work!

Image Credit: © Xavier Béjot