A Stitchin’ Design

I’m always intrigued when something with impeccable design comes to market.  The reason is very simple:  it is exceptionally difficult to come up with something new, especially if it is a chair or related piece of furniture.  If you add functionality and beauty then you’ve struck a home run!

Contemporary Danish furniture designer Erling Christoffersen has achieved the balance between beauty of line and functionality in his designs more than once.  In his latest piece, the Chaise Longue Flugstol he has taken two pieces of walnut plywood, sensually sewing them together like an 18th century corset and produced a wonderful, wonderful sexy, modern and functional deck chair of immense charm and floor power.  It is really too bad I cannot fit it in my diminutive Manhattan apartment!
photo credit: Ole Akhoj.  The Chaise Longue Flugstol is part of a limited edition available through the Maria Wettergren Gallery, Paris.