a pendant with an exotic flair

Sometimes a room needs an extra oomph and one thing I’ve learned is that a touch of the exotic usually does the trick.

Consider for example the beautiful Egyptian Arabesque Lamp from L’Aviva Home, a NY-based, online retailer specializing in global artisanal finds.  Hands down, the pendant fits into an exotic/shabby chic/“I’ve travelled the world” type of décor.  But it can also be the belle of the ball dangling from the ceiling in a well-appointed and tailored modern room where normally it would be considered “out-of-place”.  I’m not one to overly decorate with artisanal finds, but this is one rare piece that can be as uptown as it is downtown.
When lit, the pierced copper globe projects a lovely shadow of dancing light.  Since each can be custom made, different sizes and finishes are possible.  To date they are produced in gunpowder gray (shown), gold and silver plate.
image credit: L’Aviva Home
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