A pair of Jensen candelabra … forget about it!

A pair equals perfect symmetry, that’s what they teach in design anyway.  But what if you’ve only got half a pair?

As you know, I love Georg Jensen silver.  I love how the light reflects on the softly hammered surfaces – you can almost feel the quality and workmanship.  So when I saw this beautiful candelabrum, I was initially disappointed to see that it has lost its mate sometime in its past.  But then I saw the auction estimate:  could that be right?  It’s just about $8500?  And then it hit me: their loss could be my gain!
Let’s take a look at this.  A pair always commands double plus a premium at auction, so while a pair of these magnificent candelabra could sell for $20,000+, it only makes sense that the single is in a much more affordable price range.  And what to do with a single candelabrum?  Well, it just so happens that I have a round dining table.  You could build a beautiful centerpiece around that lonesome candelabrum if you grouped vases of flowers around the base. Or how magnificent would this be at the end of a sideboard, with some books and smaller objects to create a vignette?
And suddenly this single candelabrum is what I have been missing all my life!
image credit: Bukowskis, Stockholm
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