A cocktail table James Bond 007 would dig: sexy, stylish and with a hidden side

Il Pezzo Mancante is a newbie high-end design studio in Florence that has captured my attention with its sublime “il pezzo 2” cocktail table.  Whispering 1970s dolce vita, its undulating walnut frame, marble top and brass base make for a very stylish and masculine table.

And although technically a cocktail table, the furniture piece also doubles as a storage bin. We normally think of storage solutions as being utilitarian with little to no sense of style or beauty.  Not in this case.  Aside from the ample surface for placing your martini, it conceals 2 large and very useful drawers. Just ask 007 – it’s the perfect place to hide your Barnett Commando Crossbow or satellite control center!
image credit: Il Pezzo Mancante, Florence