a beehive of light

Good design is good design regardless of when it was made.  And today, with technology fueling the increasingly faster pace between the idea and final product, it is easy to be blasé about good design and be of the mindset of “seen this, done that” and move on … as I did recently on a buying trip with a client. But sometimes it is good to stop and smell the flowers, especially when the product at hand has been the base of inspiration for numerous copies.

The Caboche series of lighting products designed in 2005 by the collaborative forces of the ever so prolific Spanish super designer Patricia Urquiola and Venetian Eliana Gerotto for Foscarini is one of these. The series which includes pendant, floor, table and wall mounted fixtures are made of wonderfully transparent (or gold) spheres around a diffused light source and are a sophisticated addition to any space.  And don’t think they are too feminine.  I ended up using 2 wall sconces (last set of images) for my client whose loft had a manly 70’s party den atmosphere!
image credits: Foscarini, Italy.  The pendants are easily found over the web or in fine lighting establishments.
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