20th century design powerhouses arrive in New York

With much fanfare, the Salon Art + Design Fair opened in Manhattan Wednesday night.  I can already hear many of you saying … “ANOTHER Art Fair?” Indeed, I don’t blame you.  There seems to be either an art or design fair every weekend, but there are fairs and then there are FAIRS, if you catch my drift.  This, my friends, is very much the latter.

What makes this a refreshing and wonderful event is that a great majority of the exhibitors are European whose merchandise is rarely seen on this side of the pond.  Combine this with superb 20th century modern kit, a sleek exhibition space and you have a winner!
Strolling through the aisles, the following caught my eye.

(Above) this Net Chandelier by Simone Crestani is at the stand of Bernd Goeckler Antiques.  If you don’t think it is amazing, I don’t know what to tell you; you’re wrong … it IS!
The always so gracious Diane de Polignac brought these “Pop” looking side tables by design darling Guy de Rougemont that surely Roy Lichtenstein would have loved in his living room!
Japanese art dealer Joan Mirviss is showing this remarkable but quirky biomorphic sculpture by Katsumata Chieko.  It’s the shape of a pumpkin but it also reminds me of a huge sea sponge.
Galerie Chastel-Marechal from Paris has this delightful collection of Line Vautrine mirrors, and the one that jumped out was of course the most rare – a “boite rouge” c. 1960.
Barry Friedman has a pair of fascinating Wendell Castle, Dark Wish Chair in stained ash.  I caught Mr. Friedman on the chair and was amazed how sturdy (and balanced!) it really is.
Gallery Anne Autergarden of Brussels is showing this truly FABULOUS pair of glass cabinets by contemporary designer Roberto Rida.  I know the photo is slightly garish, but in person, these are so yummy I can barely stand it.
Lucio Fontana is represented with one of his rare Concetto Spaziale paintings in blue through London and Milan superdealers Edmondo di Robilant and Marco Voena of Robilant + Voena. Their breadth of knowledge, charm and availability of works always keeps me going back for more. Bravo!
The Salon of Art + Design runs through Monday 12 November at the Park Avenue Armory at 67th Street in Manhattan.
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