Archives: March 2013

antique mirror glass for contemporary living

English artisan and restorer Dominic Schuster is doing some really cool stuff with mirrored surfaces.  While I can easily find people in Manhattan who can do antiqued mirror glass, it is far harder to find someone who does it this … Continue reading

taste really is in the eye of the beholder

Today I’m feeling philosophical.  I’ve been sitting on the images for this post for over 6 months not knowing what to think.  As my readers, you can imagine what has come across my mind.  Everything from “OMG”, “what a waste … Continue reading

ancient textiles for contemporary living: the rapa furniture by israeli designer ayala serfati

I was recently having tea with my friend Daniella Ohad in her very stylish and contemporary flat in New York, when the “thing” she sat on caused me to get up, touch, scoot her out and sit.  It was the … Continue reading

shio: intricate mineral formations for the home

Last week I was at Modenus once again.  I featured the creative, intriguing and sublime work of a very cool science geek turned artist, Seattle-based Daniel MacDonald.  MacDonald has figured out the way of turning his childhood fascination with crystal … Continue reading

Asian inspired, the Luchsia pendant from Sweden!

Swedish born, Stockholm-based designer Johan Carpner (b. 1971) has designed this lovely, delicate and elegant pendant called the Luchsia.  The pleated outer screen with its ball fringe trim is reminiscent of Asian parasols and it could quite literally fit into … Continue reading

bling, bling in the luxurious glass of Anna Torfs

Belgian born glass artist and designer Anna Torfs is once again pushing the envelope of innovation and plush luxury with the vessels in her objects collection.  Rooted in traditional glass making techniques, but forward thinking in design, Anna is one … Continue reading

pull, stretch and snap: the works of sebastian brajkovic and vincent dubourg

Blurring the lines of art, sculpture and furniture are the works of the amazingly talented thirtysomethings Sebastian Brajkovic and Vincent Dubourg, two artists producing different types of sculptural furniture through the distortion of familiar forms. In both cases, the guys … Continue reading