Archives: January 2013

mastery in conserving silver: from antique george 1 to modern georg jensen

Jeffrey Herman is a master silversmith and a Godsend for anyone who’s had the misfortune of dropping or denting a piece of cherished silver.  Great silversmiths are far and few between in the 21stcentury, but when the good people at … Continue reading

Spending US$750,000 at the Winter Antiques Fair in New York City

Last weekend I went to the Winter Antiques Fair in New York (running through 3 February 2013) armed with an imaginary US$750,000.  We all know that spending money is easier than making it.  But a good art advisor helps you … Continue reading

500 years of sensational residential staircases

Today, I’m sharing some inspiration from what I think is one of the most difficult aspects of great interior design: a cool, imaginative and beautiful staircase.  The array of inspiration includes Leonardo Da Vinci’s nearly 500 year old staircase at … Continue reading

postcards from rome

There is a reason why Rome is called “The Eternal City” and a good example are two opposite views of the Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills that surround the city, imminently coming up for auction at Sotheby’s Old … Continue reading

Authenticity in the works of Lin Tianmiao, China’s most famous female artist

The Asia Society of New York currently has a retrospective on contemporary Chinese artist Lin Tianmiao that I went to see the other day.  I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t know much about the artist but unlike many an exhibition, … Continue reading

refined French luxury in the decorative lamps of Christophe Côme

There is just something exquisite about French luxury design.  Regardless of where you see it, you just know it’s French.  Take for instance the sculptural, luxurious and unique table lamps – the loukoum lights – from Paris-based designer Christophe Côme. I … Continue reading

from the artist studio to the home: decorating with body parts from the past

These fascinating terracotta body parts are rare examples of 16th century artist’s models taken largely from Michelangelo’s figures for the Medici tombs in Florence, used by aspiring late Renaissance artists and sculptors to practice their technique. For sale at Sotheby’s … Continue reading