Archives: September 2012

do you know … Robin Day?

What if I told you today’s featured designer produced one of the world’s most popular chairs – so popular in fact, that more than 20 million and counting have been made – could you guess his name? Robin Day (1915-2010), … Continue reading

Eye 2 Eye with Columbus at New York’s Time Warner Center

photo: Nicholas Baume One of the great things about living in New York is the display of public contemporary art dotted throughout the city.  These days, the “it” show to see in Manhattan is the art installation Tatzu Nishi: Discovering … Continue reading

the art in the chinese jade brush washer

Focused on all types of Asian Art, Asia Week is a weeklong series of auctions in the Spring and Fall in New York.  This means the auction houses and galleries bring out their treasure troves to tempt us to part … Continue reading

lighting with a modern midcentury glam: the kiss by stephen johnson

If you’ve wanted a sexy 1960’s Aston Martin, this is your chance.  Well … almost. For about US$300 you can drop some coin on this stellar light that reminds me of the headlights of the Aston Martin.  Not quite the … Continue reading

The old art form of coquillage made fresh by today’s Thomas Boog

At its zenith in the 18th century, any self-respecting noble and aristocrat in Europe escaped the suffocating heat of their main house during the summer months by building a fashionable grotto with a fountain and dripping with seashell decoration … … Continue reading

Centrale Elettrica Montemartini – where classic Roman sculpture meets our modern archaeological artifacts

It is said that Stendal, the French romantic author of the early 19th century, noted that Rome was an extraordinary city because 1/3 of its population were women, 1/3 priests and the rest antique statuary.  Percentages may have changed, but … Continue reading

chinese artist wang guangle, a contemporary art darling

Born in 1976 and graduating only in 2000 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Wang Guangle is one of China’s contemporary art darlings… and rightly so. His work is fresh, original, holds it own and is international, … Continue reading