Archives: July 2012

David Collins: at the top of the craft

There are but a few people worldwide at the very top of the Interior Design profession. Masters of their craft whose clients are in the 1% and whose expectations far surpass many of ours and so it is with great … Continue reading

Taking inspiration from 1948 – the Tati Asplund Tables

Inspired by Carl Malmsten’s “Släden” teak nesting tables of 1948 (below), Scandi contemporary super duo of Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle have designed a set of nesting tables (cocktail, side and vanity) for Swedish contemporary design store and furniture maker … Continue reading

Edward Burtynsky’s haunting landscapes

I’ve known of Burtynsky’s monumental photographs for over 10 years and while I could appreciate the mastery and detail of the resulting images, I was honestly not moved one way or another by his work… or so I thought.  It … Continue reading

Do you know Murano’s merletto?

Venice.  The name connotes all things beautiful, delicious and decadent, so it’s no surprise that some of the most sought after glass in the world comes from one of the islands in the lagoon: Murano.  It is also no secret … Continue reading

stalactites and stalagmites 4 the home

This is one bookcase like you’ve never seen before. Introduced during Milan Design Week, this modular bookcase/display/storage space is by Daniele Lago for Italian firm Lago Studio.  You may recall I wrote about them when I introduced the deliciously colorful … Continue reading

Futurism revived in the work of Salomé de Fontainieu

I couldn’t help thinking of Gino Severini, Umberto Boccioni and the rest of the Italian Futurists when I saw this piece at the Galerie Diane de Polignac in Paris.  Made of brass and striking a balance between sculpture and object, … Continue reading

“it’s so old it’s new”

The timeless Torcello antique mirror screen by Arte Veneziana is one of those pieces that REALLY goes with any period of décor. It is inspired by 18th century mirrored glass of which Venice was one of the finest producers at the … Continue reading