Archives: April 2012

david kleinberg: interiors with traditional values + modernist outlook

Several years back I had the good fortune to meet Albert Hadley, the other half of the Parish-Hadley interior design powerhouse, right about the time he was closing his own practice in NYC.  A truly giving person, Mr. Hadley gave … Continue reading

Valeria Nascimento: not what you expect from ceramics

One of today’s newer tendencies in art and design is incorporating ceramics as an integral part of the décor of a space.  Gone are the days when ceramics were considered tchotchkes for tabletop décor or for their utilitarian use.  Representing … Continue reading

Liz O’Brien’s 1970s mineral inspired furniture

What does a well-established 20th century design dealer do to grow her business?  She takes a cue from her interior designer colleagues, looks at the past and creates a select line of new furniture and accessories for today’s design craving … Continue reading

A pair of Jensen candelabra … forget about it!

A pair equals perfect symmetry, that’s what they teach in design anyway.  But what if you’ve only got half a pair? As you know, I love Georg Jensen silver.  I love how the light reflects on the softly hammered surfaces – you … Continue reading

Lucio Fontana’s canvas breaks

Perhaps better known for his slashed canvas oeuvre that he began in the mid 1950s and a technique he used through to the end of his life, Italian artist (though Argentine-born) Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) also worked the canvas in other … Continue reading

Paula Hayes: urban gardens

Back in the winter of 2010, I happen to be at The MoMA marveling at an installation by New York-based artist and landscape designer Paula Hayes.  She had installed a biomorphic-shaped container on one of the walls in the entrance … Continue reading

a modernist designer called Adnet

  Not long ago, I saw this pair of chairs at the Galerie Chastel-Maréchal on the rue Bonaparte in Paris.  What a delight! Designed by architect, interior designer and modernist grand-daddy Jacques Adnet around 1955, these tubular metal chairs are … Continue reading