Archives: February 2012

Kansas City’s modernist duo

The art and design talent on either coast of the USA often grabs all the attention, but sometimes it pays to look for the stars in middle America. And this is exactly what happened to me when I was recently … Continue reading

frank roop: a lesson in dressing interiors

You can find inspiration everywhere, even in something that may not appear to be “your thing”. Case in point, this lovely interior by Boston-based Frank Roop. Most people would not peg this to be “my thing”, but in reality it … Continue reading

elevating hardware to an art form

Having spent a morning at E.R. Butler & Co. selecting doorknobs, I feel inadequate calling it a “hardware” store.  Located in NoLita in Manhattan, this “emporium” is more akin to a jewelry studio than a hardware store not only for … Continue reading

BDDW – quintessential American design

Not long ago, in my quest to find a VERY comfortable and traditional sofa with a twist for a client, I stumbled upon the SoHo, New York-based cabinetmaker BDDW. Founded by Tyler Hays, a painter and sculptor, the company produces … Continue reading

a modern twist on classical ceramics

I’m often asked by people (clients, peers in the interior design world and other acquaintances) what they should collect.  I like to think they’re asking me because of my knowledge of the art world, but often their underlying question is … Continue reading

a pendant with an exotic flair

Sometimes a room needs an extra oomph and one thing I’ve learned is that a touch of the exotic usually does the trick. Consider for example the beautiful Egyptian Arabesque Lamp from L’Aviva Home, a NY-based, online retailer specializing in … Continue reading

the hardest hotel room to book in London

Move over shishi-designed hotels of London.  The hotel to book in 2012 is the 1 bedroom, 1 night only Room for London – a completely equipped accommodation and art installation commissioned by Living Architecture (an enterprise that provides the public … Continue reading