Archives: October 2011

Not everything is bling, bling in Texas

I was recently looking for a coffee table to spec on a project and happened to get a mailer from a resource in Dallas.  I went into their website fearing big, bold, and BLING! and was more than pleasantly surprised.  … Continue reading

D.W. Mellor’s black and whites

There is something about taking the best from the past, reinterpreting it and making a superb example for the present.  This is exactly what American-born photographer D. W. Mellor does in his dossier of photos called Stills. What’s amazing in … Continue reading

Things seldom are what they appear

Wait, before you read further, can you guess the price of the above 70s looking tchotchke? Go on, trust your immediate gut reaction. At a simple glance, if most of us saw this accessory perched on a side table in … Continue reading

Samba dancing Norwegians?

With a structure of palisander wood and a back and seat woven in cane, these very stylish chairs would appear to be more likely Brazilian than Norwegian.  The materials and shape (slight tilted back and the curvy arm rests) that … Continue reading

“The World of Muriel Brandolini”

A fireplace is often the focal point of a well appointed living room.  But for more than 6 months a year, it can be just a blank void starring back at you.  And no one wants to look at a … Continue reading

The passion in the photos of Christopher Thomas

My best friend in London brought to my attention a fascinating photographer which admittedly was new to me.  Munich-born artist Christopher Thomas is better known for his New York Sleeps, a series of photographs of city monuments and landmarks shown … Continue reading

Back to the future: the chairs of cristián valdés

I first saw these amazingly beautiful chairs in the Berkeley and Stinson Beach, California homes of my foremost mentor, whose very stylish wife had them sent from Chile.  I was so taken that I have never forgotten them.  15 years … Continue reading