Archives: August 2011

summer living series – fabulous escapes – Leisure Yachting – Turkey

Summer cruising the Turkish Mediterranean – forget the monstrous cruise lines with thousands on board and instead picture leisure sailing with your family and friends on your own yacht and crew sailing to hidden coves and harbors where the turquoise sea … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous escapes – Kenya, 1920s style

Have you ever dreamt of the good old days of life on safari?  Not quite the big game hunting adventure, but more of the sunrise over the savannahs and drinks by the evening campfire style?  This is my idea of … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous escapes – Private Jetting – Asia

How to hit all the sights of Asia in one super deluxe and extraordinary tour?  I’m thinking Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, China, Indonesia, Bhutan and Jordan – just to get a little taste of everything.  Well the good people of the Smithsonian have arranged … Continue reading

“summer living series – fabulous escapes – The Orient Express

In 1883, the world of overnight train travel gained a new alternative that introduced such luxury that well over 100 years later, the name still conjures images of diamond dripping dowagers and well-heeled tuxedo clad dandies travelling across Europe.  It was … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous pools – Maldives

Had I been Napoleon and exiled to Elba, I would have asked for a transfer to the Rangali Islands. Seriously.  There I could have been away from civilization but at least living in Paradise.  Today, the Conrad Rangali Resort gives its … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous pools

Can anybody guess where this piece of heaven is located?  The infinity pool allows you to envelop yourself in fresh and temperate mountain water while getting lost gazing into the horizon of blue-green ocean, mountainous crags and lush vegetation.  Move … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous pools – Texas

In the midst of high rise towers and cantilevered on the rooftop of one of the newest hotels by the amazing architect/designer Adam Tihany, is this awe-inspiring swimming pool of the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas.  I’m out of words, … Continue reading