Archives: June 2011

Acapulco of the 1950s

Back in its heyday in the 1950s, Acapulco was (they tell me) a slice of heaven on earth. Hollywood stars, starlets, millionaires and royals from around the world flocked to this Pacific Beach resort and partied like only Mexico can.  … Continue reading

through the eyes of a hermit crab

For some time I have kept my eye on the career of New York-based photographer extraordinaire Cynthia Karalla, a one time collaborator of enfant terrible Andres Serrano.  Although her work is deep, dark and usually disturbing, she is a talented … Continue reading

table power

Sometimes we don’t want to place art on a wall, but use it on a table, mantelpiece or other flat surface.  It’s a great idea for smaller pieces that need their own space to shine. Enter this brilliant table painting … Continue reading

put on a happy face!

What modernist aficionado doesn’t love Florence Knoll’s three-seater bench of 1954 or George Nelson’s platform bench of 1946?  But as a designer sometimes preoccupied with mid-century design, you want something with a little more punch, with a little oomph. In … Continue reading

snack time

What is healthier than a plate of apples, grapes, raspberries, apricots, gooseberries, walnuts and plums?  A scrumptious vegetarian elixir of carbs, antioxidants, fiber, proteins and fats.  It’s unlikely the Flemish artist Osias Beert had this in mind when he painted … Continue reading

Mid-century inspiration of 21st century design

Isn’t this a beautiful piece of furniture?  I recently was shopping for a mid-century console and found myself rightfully distracted by this lovely piece produced in the studio of American cabinetmaker Matt Soorikian of Atlanta, Georgia.  You HAVE to see it … Continue reading

Inspired by a coral reef?

Having been fortunate to spend many of my teenage summers at or near the ocean, I grew to appreciate sea life and organic forms, so it was a surprise to me when I learned that accomplished American lighting designer David … Continue reading