refined French luxury in the decorative lamps of Christophe Côme

There is just something exquisite about French luxury design.  Regardless of where you see it, you just know it’s French.  Take for instance the sculptural, luxurious and unique table lamps – the loukoum lights – from Paris-based designer Christophe Côme. I first saw one on a 17th century Chinese praying table several years back and the visual still haunts me.  They’re so amazing!

Made of polished crystal with a patinated bronze base, the lights are timeless.  Each glass block is crafted individually so no 2 lamps are the same.  Appropriately, they’re named after those imperfect blocks of gelatinous confection we in the West call “turkish delights” – loukoum – and the lamps come in various sizes both in translucent white or yellow.
And just like it was at home sitting on a Chinese antique, these lights can effortlessly combine in more modern settings, whether on a 1920s Ruhlmann table or a contemporary Jake Phipps console. Smoking hot to say the least! These are definitely my interior designer’s pick for the week.
image credits: Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York who represents the artist.