panzeri and modern LED lighting strips



A well-needed update to the one-time useful, but hideous fluorescent strip lighting fixture has just hit the market; and it’s a beauty!  Designed earlier this year by Carmen Ferrara for the cutting-edge Italian lighting firm Panzeri, the LED ceiling lamp comes in black or white and with 3 articulated arms that rotate 350 degrees.




The moveable arms help it cover a larger area and the geometric, elongated silhouettes bring to mind the modernity of the Bauhaus movement and the art of Piet Mondrian. How stylish!




It’s likely the “Carmen” will not replace the cheap standard florescent strip in your run-of-the-mill office anytime soon, but I can still imagine the possibilities. Now, any size residential or commercial ceilings have a sophisticated and contemporary green LED alternative. It’s about time!

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image credit: Panzeri, Monza, Italy



  • Robin Lechner, ASID

    Great looking fixture…even better given the quality of LED light. I’ve been using ‘strips’ between drywall seams, flanking bathroom medicine cabinets, and under shelving and cabinets. They really enhance a room’s atmosphere.

    • themodernsybarite

      TY for stopping by Robin

  • Eric Olson

    Nice fixture, looking forawrd to using it on a project.

  • Christophe

    Beautiful Richard. It remembers me of Malevitch.

  • Mary Bowden

    Richard, I really love the breadth of your interests – modern linear LED lighting today, a “visit” to London yesterday, antiques here, a beautiful chateau there. When I see a post from you, I always wonder “What’s he up to now?”!!!

    • themodernsybarite

      Such a lovely endorsement and I don’t even know you! TY very much.

  • Jean-Luc Reynaud

    I remember when track lighting was introduced and thinking it was so cool. But this really is a move in the right direction. Great update.

    • themodernsybarite

      watch it … you’re giving out OUR age!