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Ever since I was reacquainted with Lapicida during my trip to Decorex London in September, I can’t get enough of them.  And what’s really distracting me is this stunningly sexy, free-standing Italian travertine basin just waiting for a client’s approval.  Sinuous curves of all types make for good obsessions – the lines of an Aston Martin or the curves of a Poltrona Frau and now yours truly has a mania for the delectable soft sides of this piece I’m christening as the Georgia O’Keeffe basin.


Lapicida travertine sink

As many of you know, Lapicida is of the world’s leading luxury stone specialist.  They source the globe for the best of the best and then have their craftsmen work their magic, producing fabulous tiles and objects, such as the free standing basin above. It also helps having what is likely the largest lathe in the world capable of carving large pieces into sculpture.  My bet is that these are the sinks the stylish crowd will covet in the years to come.

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image credits: Lapicida, London



  • David Dickson

    At first glance it didn’t grab me, but now I’ve seen it again I’m starting to love it 🙂

    • themodernsybarite

      it happens! thanks for stopping by.

  • Hugh Jamieson

    Experiments a few years ago with stone and marble for the construction of a WC resulted in the decision that vitreous enamel and porcelain are the best products for this as no staining occurs (or not as easily as with stone ). Stainless steel for a WC is also a good option and with a clear seat and lid (or a “designer ” option ) is not at all contract looking. Wall mounted WC is an ideal option to use with this Sexy bathroom sink from Lapicida.

    • themodernsybarite

      TY for sharing your thoughts!

  • Kathy Entessar

    Thanks for the post Richard. I love it and have forwarded the info to my client. Love the company.

    • themodernsybarite

      Its gorg!

  • Andrew Petherick

    That is rather lovely. Earmarked for a current project…

    • themodernsybarite

      Great Andrew. Please tell them you saw it on TheModernSybarite blog.

  • Sukamal Roy

    Very Good

  • David Tisdale

    Really Beautiful!

  • Zuli Marval

    Very nice!!!! Good selection!

  • Cindy Avroch

    Very cool!

    • themodernsybarite


  • Stuart Warner

    Love it, it would be great in white too…

    • themodernsybarite

      and jet black …

  • Philip Adams, NCIDQ, ASID, CID

    Richard. I do not get too excited by a lot of the interior components these days but I have to agree with you that this really is a sexy sink or rather Lav as we say over here in the USA and definitely worth getting excited over.

    My only question is how do you get to the trap? It looks close to the wall and not really movable. Solid travertine. Does the trap need to be located in the wall next to it with a hidden panel or something, or is it so obvious that I can’t see it?

    • themodernsybarite

      Oh Philip – I’m afraid that you need to ask those questions directly. You can find Lapicida by following the link.

  • themodernsybarite

    Isn’t it?

  • Rachele Simmons-Taling Senior


    • themodernsybarite

      What can I say? Tx for stopping by.

  • Christopher

    Happy new year dear Richard and thxs for amazing discoveries..

    • themodernsybarite

      My best in 2014.

  • Lis

    Different and exciting. Your new web look is fabulous.

    • themodernsybarite

      TY. Keep stopping by.