Arturo Berned and his strong geometric sculpture

I always like to incorporate sculpture into the art collections of my clients because it can make a space more unique.  This art form, unlike fine art, is meant to be touched, handled and appreciated 360 degrees, which for centuries has sparked the debate of who is a better artist: the painter or the sculptor.   On one hand, the sculptor can bring inanimate material to life by creating in the third dimension.  On the other, the artist can be so convincing in his portrayal that life springs from the canvas.  You decide!

Spanish-born Arturo Berned is a contemporary sculptor whose work is just fabulous.  One can easily see how his architecture background has influenced his minimalist work of intersecting planes and precise right angles … whether a ginormous work for the outdoors or public space or a piece of intimate scale for smaller interior rooms.  In a way, it brings to mind the work of the great Richard Serra in its use of materials, proportion and construction, and also the work of fine artist Piet Mondrian in its arrangement of simple geometric shapes – sans the primary colors of course!
Arturo uses stainless and rusted weathered steel that has a wonderful buttery patina that changes with the light of day. I’m partial to these masculine shapes, particularly those of smaller scale that look so great in a modernist home or equally ferocious on the top of an antique or 20thcentury table.  Arturo’s work is truly a timeless piece of contemporary invention.
image credits: Hector Gomez Rioja.  Arturo Berned is represented by Galeria Daniel Cardani, Madrid. (top) Vela III; (center) Cabeza V, private collection; (bottom) Cabeza 1, private collection.
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