Archives: April 2013

modern silhouettes: the glass pendants of furthurdesign

I recently discovered the modern glass objects designed and made by Manhattan-based glass artist William Couig of furthurdesign.  And of the bowls, vases and other accessories he creates, what really sang to me were his pendants … beautifully crafted and … Continue reading

royal treasures from England and Russia at London’s V&A

The Dolphin basin, V&A, London What did the courts of Henry VIII (England) and Ivan the Terrible (Russia) have in common?  No, this isn’t the lead to a joke, but the theme of wonderful exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum … Continue reading

storage motion is a storage system on the move … for your home

Two weeks ago I spotted a motorized storage system at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York.  Storage Motion, Inc., co-founded by Tina and Kurt Krohn of North Carolina, is an outfit providing motor driven storage solutions for … Continue reading

designing furniture in postwar california: an introduction to milo baughman

Another great modern furniture icon who came out of the American postwar environment was Milo Baughman (1923-2003).  Like Charles and Ray Eames and Greta Magnusson Grossman, Baughman’s furniture has a decidedly modern vibe and came to define what we think … Continue reading

enhancing life’s palate – Michael Aram’s salt and pepper shakers

We take salt and pepper for granted, not giving a second thought to these dietary staples we use everyday.  But who really knows the history and how we came to rely on them to bring spice to our lives?  Follow … Continue reading

east meets west in the modern mesopotamian ceramics of kotan

Turkish born and Geneva based, Ipek Kotan (b.1977) is a breath of fresh air in the world of contemporary ceramics.  Her elegant creations are a tactile expression of her love of the material – having originally studied photography, she soon … Continue reading

richard rabel: a 1930s penthouse renovation in manhattan (before and after)

People often ask me about my “style” in decorating and what I end up telling them is that my trademarks are polished, livable, warm and unique interiors that reflect today’s lifestyle; the are informed by the past but have a … Continue reading