Archives: May 2012

discovering amazing modern silver by the Thalens

Modern silver: the good, the bad, and the really, really bad!  They just don’t make it like they used to! USUALLY this is sadly the case.  But there are talented silversmiths out there who are creating wonderfully new and interesting … Continue reading

From the warm breezes of the South Pacific

I was recently in Palm Beach on assignment and I saw these beautiful poufs by Walker Zabriskie in his namesake store. Covered in vintage woven rattan mats from Borneo, these poufs are beyond beautiful and very practical: they can be … Continue reading

the chameleons of interior design – MHZ

London-Paris based Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi (MHZ)’s interiors are legendary.  From the restoration of medieval houses to decorating modernist 20th century homes; from the full refurbishment of the Royal Opera House, London to the decoration of countless country piles like … Continue reading

Decorating with a Shibayama box

Boxes are always great general accessories for any desk, bookcase or table.  Because they come in all sizes, they are easy to combine with other objects like books or vases AND for the hoarders out there, they actually help hide … Continue reading

the polished rough hewn work of Canadian designer Martha Sturdy

I first learned about Martha Sturdy’s work from a feature on my design colleague Ivan Meade’s blog many, many months ago and since then, I bookmarked her page for further study. I personally think that one of the hardest home … Continue reading

Zoom-Room and the Murphy bed of the 21st century

Whether we want to admit to it or not, many of us have probably spent a night or two on a murphy bed … whether the hidden bed behind a built-in cabinet that one pulled down from the wall or … Continue reading

Donato Creti: Preserving the legacy of this great master from the past

Twelve years ago there was a small exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art titled “Donato Creti: Melancholy and Perfection” which introduced the 18th century Bolognese artist (1671-1749) to the mainstream American audience.  Great masters sometimes fall out of favor … Continue reading